10 Liter Waterproof 2-Strap Dry Bags

PRICE  |  $6.75

LOW MOQs based on lead time & destination



• Constructed of 500D PVC Tarpaulin

• IPX6 Waterproof Specification

Anti-static & anti-bacterial


Black, Grey, Sky Blue


25 cm x 11 cm Base, 50 cm Height when sealed

2 adjustable shoulder straps included
 Front zip pocket for access to your essentials

• Easy & effective fold over seal system


One color included in the price.

Add $0.25 per color, per piece.


$12.00 per color, $6.00 on re-orders.

3 Colors To Choose From

Others available by request


We took our best-selling sling dry bag and took it to the next level. First, we used a wider oval base that gives the bag a more compact look. Then we added a second strap so it can be used as a backpack and a front zip pocket for quick and easy access to your keys, phone, or wallet. A perfect companion for your next diving trip, jungle adventure, or rainy days.

  • Constructed with ultra-tough 500D PVC Tarpaulin material. High tear strength and toughness to prevent the formation of small holes that allow water in. Still flexible for a comfortable carry and easy seal, its the perfect balance between pliability and durability! Fully waterproof, stain resistant, UV-protective, anti-static, anti-bacterial, mildew resistant, flame resistant, and performance in extreme temperatures.
  • High Frequency welded seams Using an electromagnetic field, the materials are melted & fused together to create a stronger, tighter, more durable, and more waterproof seal than traditional bags produced using heat welding or stitching.
  • Fold over seal mechanism. Simply fold the opening over itself 3 times to create an easy, perfect waterproof seal. The PVC tarpaulin will grab itself thanks to natural friction, making a completely airtight seal. No air in? No water!! All you need to do is make sure your fold is tight and firm, and the bag isn't too full to fold over sufficiently. Expel the air inside your dry bag to compact it, or leave it in and your bag will float!